Visiting Positions

Oxford Institute of Population Ageing: Visitor’s Programme

With faculty and visitors from across the world, the Institute’s vibrant Visitor’s Programme reflects its global approach to population ageing. It offers the opportunity for both academics and those from the corporate and policy / practice world to spend a period of independent self-directed study and research, with the support of specifically assigned researchers at the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing as mentors. The main purpose of the Visitor’s Programme is to enhance the academic work (research) of the Institute as well as the visitor’s by mutual exchange and learning.

The Institute offers the following:

  • Workspace with either a fixed pc or a laptop port, according to individual requirements, together with IT facilities and support
  • Library access
  • Access to general seminars across the collegiate university
  • An academic mentor

Application process:

We invite various categories of academic applications - Visiting Professors; Research Fellows; Post-Docs and Students - as well as interested candidates from community organisations and the corporate world.  With the Institute’s focus on global population ageing, we particularly welcome applications from abroad.  Applications are received all year round and its acceptance is dependent on the relevance to our key research themes.

Visits may range from a few days to one academic year.  Admission to the Visitor’s Programme is competitive and limited to no more than fifteen visitors during each term.

All visitors should in the first instance contact Dr George Leeson (  for information or go to for more detail and forms.


Fees and funding:

Visitors are required to pay a non-negotiable bench- fee for each academic term of stay to cover resource costs. This fee does not include costs related to travel, accommodation and other personal living expenses.  The majority of visitors are self-funded through personal bursaries, support from funding bodies or from corporate or policy bodies

The Oxford Institute of Population Ageing is, however, committed to annually sponsor, through designated bursaries, two emerging researchers, one each from respectively more developing and more developed world countries. The Leslie Kirkley Fellowship (non-OECD countries) and the James Martin Fellowship (OECD countries) offer a bursary for the payment of the bench-fee for one term but not travel, accommodation and other personal expenses. For further information on these fellowships, please click on


The Collen Visitors’ Programme, moreover, annually offers ten designated bursaries to visitors interested in exploring the role of education and environment in fertility decision making in developing countries. See Collen Programme and Collen Visitors’ Programme for further information.

We look forward to welcoming you to Oxford!

Visiting Fellowships and Application Forms