Journal of Population Ageing

The Journal of Population Ageing is an Oxford Institute of Population Ageing edited journal published by Springer. JPA provides a forum for international, cross-disciplinary debate on population ageing. Its focus is on theoretical and empirical research and methodological innovation and development.


Recently released books, edited collections and special issues.

Book chapters

Book chapters and contributions.

Journal Articles

Latest articles published in academic journals.

Policy Briefs

In addition to academic publications the Institute produces a variety of publications as part of its remit to disseminate policy relevant material. This section includes reviews and policy briefs commissioned by governamental bodies, NGOs and foundations.

Research Reports

Selected reports presenting key findings of completed research projects.

Working Papers Series

The working paper series is aimed to disseminate background papers and work in progress in population research.

The Global Ageing Survey (GLAS)

The Global Ageing Survey (GLAS) comprises interviews with 44,000 people aged 40-80 in 25 countries drawn from Asia, Americas, Europe and Africa carried out in 3 waves. It explores attitudes, expectations and behaviours towards later life and retirement, including financial planning for retirement.

Ageing Horizons

Ageing Horizons was published between 2004 and 2010.  It was a review of analysis and research on policy futures in an ageing society. It also served as a thematic resource for abstracts, news, commentary, and debate on the policy issues that are likely to arise in the medium term as a result of population ageing. 

Visitors Papers

The Institute’s international visiting programme attracts experts and emerging researchers in the field of population ageing. Some of the papers and other academic work produced during their stay at the institute are available on request in this section.

Annual Reports

The Institute produces an annual report including publications and academic activities of faculty, research staff, academic visitors and students.