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Fundamental population dynamics and its implications for understanding agricultural systems and technologies


Thursday 21st November is week 6 of the Demography, Agriculture & Food series. It is being held, as always, in the Oxford Martin School 12.30-2:00pm.

George Leeson on modern retirement and ageing


Dr George Leeson was interviewed on BBC Radio Berkshire on 14/11/13 to talk about modern retirement and ageing on the occasion of Prince Charles' 65th birthday.

> BBC Radio Berkshire Website

Socio-demographic Changes and Future Challenges for the GCC Countries


A one day symposium on “Old and New Challenges in the Arab countries of the Gulf and the Levant” was held on Saturday, 16 November at the Social Science Lecture Theatre, Oxford University. The Event, organised jointly by OxGAPS and the John Smith Memorial Trust, hosted politicians, government officials, civil society activists and journalists from Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon.

Seminar: The effects of an ageing farm workforce in Vietnam | Kenneth Howse, OIPA


The upcoming Demography, Agriculture & Food seminar will be held this Thursday 7th November in the Oxford Martin School 12.30-2:00pm.

The presenter this week is Kenneth Howse.

Kenneth is presenting on 'The effects of an ageing farm workforce in Vietnam’.

Global Ageing Index

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A concept developed with the Institute of Population Ageing  by HelpAge International has been launched as the first Global Ageing Index.  The launch at the Royal Society by HelpAge and AgeInternational was charied by Professor Sarah Harper, Director of the Institute.

Seminar: Driving disease transmission models with climate models | Prof Andy Morse, University of Liverpool


The upcoming Demography, Agriculture & Food seminar will be held this Thursday 31st October in the Oxford Martin School 12.30-2:00pm.

The presenter this week is Professor Andy Morse.

Andy Morse is a Professor in the School of Environmental Sciences at the University of Liverpool. His interest lies in applying current weather and climate forecast information for humanitarian well-being through the use of application models and methodologies.

IV International Colloquium of Gerontology, University of Sau Paulo, Brazil

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The University of Sau Paulo hosted the IV International Gerontology Colloquium at the Auditorio Ribeirao Preto 18-19 October 2013. The conference included talks from Dr.

Realising the Opportunities of an Ageing Population | Age Scotland Conference, Edinburgh


On October 3rd in Edinburgh, Kenneth Howse gave a presentation at a one-day conference organised by Age Scotland.  The conference theme was ‘Scotland 2020: Realising the opportunities of an ageing population’.  Kenneth Howse was invited to round up recent evidence on productive ageing.  His talk, which  was entitled: Productive ageing: what do we know?  looked at the various ways in which the idea has been used in policy debate, as well as the potential conflict and complementarity between different kind

GDST Heads' Conference, Blenhiem Palace,Woodstock


Dr George Leeson participated in the GDST Heads' Conference, Blenhiem Palace, Woodstock, with a presentation on "21st century demographic development and what it will mean for today's young people".

Forum on Longevity, Healthy Ageing and AGM | Royal Society Of Medicine


A Forum on 'Longevity, Healthy Ageing and AGM' was held at the Royal Society of Medicine in London, on 2nd October 2013. The meeting explored processes that modulate the genetic and environmental parameters involved in ageing and recent breakthroughs in age related research into longevity factors, suggesting potential interventions for slowing ageing in humans. Dr George Leeson spoke on 'Future Projections on Longevity'.