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Dr Tina Weber | The BMBF new appointment

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Dr Tina Weber, a former visiting research fellow at the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing will now start working for the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) within the field of ageing and health research programmes.

The new demography of death | George Leeson on the OECD Insights blog


The changing composition of the demography of death is explored by Dr George Leeson in today’s post on the OECD Insights blog. More than half of the almost 370,000 deaths in England and Wales in 1850 would have occurred among people aged less than 60 years. By the early 21st century, these same populations have become old and long-lived, and almost 90 per cent of the deaths in England and Wales now occur among people aged over 60 years.

Can you afford to live beyond 100? | Sarah Harper at the Momentum Risk Summit


Fin24, South Africa’s premier source of business and finance news, has interviewed Sarah Harper on the occasion of the Momentum Risk Summit 2015 in Sun City. The Momentum Risk Summit, one of the most important events on the South African insurance industry calendar, is dedicated to exploring the risks, challenges and trends in the risk insurance industry.

Living longer, working Longer | Sarah Harper on BBC Breakfast Special


As part of a BBC Breakfast week of special reports, Professor Sarah Harper speaks about working later in life, changing workforce and implications of the shift from a younger to an older population.

As the workforce changes to reflect an ageing population, will attitudes change too? 

> WATCH BBC ‘Living Longer’ Special, Part II:

Interview with Dr George Leeson | Living Longer - a BBC Breakfast Special


Dr George Leeson was interviewed today on BBC Breakfast special - Living longer.

In a special series this week, BBC Breakfast is exploring the changing attitudes to old age, and what a society with a growing number of pensioners means for us all.

'Baby boom generation just refuses to quit' | Prof Sarah Harper on Financial Times


Prof Sarah Harper commented on mature workers and complusory retirement in a recent Financial Times article entitled: 'Baby boom generation just refuses to quit'.

Video: Advancing Knowledge of Telecare for Independence and Vitality in later life


A new video released by the AKTIVE research team explores behavioural, design and structural factors affecting the adoption and use of telecare for older frail individuals.

The AKTIVE project (Advancing Knowledge of Telecare for Independence and Vitality in later life) investigated the uptake of assisted living technologies (ALTs) by older people and examined how telecare can be developed to improve the life of individuals who are prone to falls or have memory problems. 

Sarah Harper to relate on 'silver travellers' at ABTA Travel Convention, Lubjiana


Professor Sarah Harper released an interview to Travelweekly on the occasion of her upcoming participation in The Travel Convention, Ljubljana, Slovenia, September 21-23.

Harper commented on trends and travel practices among older people and anticipated a reduction in 'silver travellers' due to later retirement and lower pensions.

The Travel Convention is organized by ABTA Travel Association in collaboration with the Telegraph.

The Population Challenge for the 21st Century | Interview and Podcast


Social Science Space, a web platform by SAGE, has published an interview to Sarah Harper on 'The Population Challenge for the 21st Century'. Professor Harper speaks about global population ageing and its impact on relationships, labor, migration, and  the environment. 

> Interview & podcast on Social Science Space 

Sarah Harper discusses demographic changes in the UK on BBC Radio


Professor Sarah Harper was interviewed by Phil Kennedy on BBC Radio Berkshire [ 23/07/2014, 07:12 ].  
Professor Harper commented on ageing and demographic changes in the UK.

> Listen to BBC Radio, Phil Kennedy 23/07/2014